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Write a Professional Fiction Book/Novel

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Thank you for stopping by! with years of experience on Fiverr, and countless novels and stories written, we realized romance is indeed the one genre truly near and dear to my heart.

We love romance, and we love to write about it; so if you're looking for some good quality, steamy romance, you've come to the right place! We will warm up the hearts and minds of your readers with an unforgettable style.

We take no shyness when it comes to more explicit erotic scenes; in fact we love to squeeze the juice of out a scene and make the reader feel and taste the tension arising between the characters.

We must mention we are open to the most 'outlandish' ideas, so fear not when stating your wildest thoughts.

Genres included: 

  1. Erotic- Soft/ Explicit
  2. Young adult
  3. Classic/ Historical Romance
  4. Teenage Romance
  5. Sci-fi Romance etc.
  6. Thriller
  7. Suspense

We can write:

  • with an outline or small plot
  • without an outline as well

We are open minded writers and always eager to listen and hear new ideas and concepts from the people we are working with, so feel free to tell us whatever is on your mind and we will make it happen.

Have any questions? CONTACT NOW!