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SEO, Keywords and Categories Optimization

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 We know what it takes to sell books - and We can help you increase your sales too! 

Why do you need this offer?

There's fierce competition in the book market, with 500,000+ searches on Amazon per month. We can help your book have a better chance of success and being found by the right customers (books in English only).

Our Service includes:


  • Search volume
  • Profitability (size of the market)
  • How competitive that keyword is 


  • How many books you'll need to sell to hit #1 & #10 in a category
  • Instructions of how to add extra categories to your book

Competitor analysis:

  • Which books are your main competitors
  • How much money those books already making

What do we need from you?

  • Please check our FAQs.
  • We can only do research for books that are ALREADY written