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Find Keywords and Categories for your Book for Search Engine Optimization

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Whether you’re a famous author or this is your first book, Amazon Kindle Keywords and Book Search Tags are an important part of any book marketing strategy.

Kindle keywords allow your book to be discovered by hungry shoppers on the world's largest book market, Amazon, even while you sleep.

They help make it so that your book gets discovered without having to do major marketing. Plain and simple, they are important.

So, if you have an incredible book, but don’t know how to get it in front of the right readers, then THIS is the service for you.

Why do you need this offer?

There's fierce competition in the book market, with 500,000+ searches on Amazon per month. We can help your book have a better chance of success and being found by the right customers (books in English only).

Our Service includes:


  • Search volume
  • Profitability (size of the market)
  • How competitive that keyword is 


  • We'll find and add 10 detailed category strings for your book so that your book could be ranked in multiple Amazon E-book and Paperback Categories
  • We'll share detailed research for each category stats, how many sales you need to be ranked BEST SELLER in each category

Competitor analysis:

  • We'll share stats on which books are your main competitors
  • How much money those books already making

What do we need from you?

  • Book Title
  • Short Book Description