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Amazon Book Ad Campaign Setup and Ads Management

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Amazon Advertising can be challenging, especially if you are a new writer, or new to KDP or PPC ads. As an advertiser, there are many pitfalls you should avoid, in order to achieve the best results possible.

Picking the right ad campaign, selecting the right keywords/ categories and bidding right is only the start. One needs to be a pro, in order to take it to the next level.

As Amazon KDP marketing experts, many of the hacks, tips and tricks we use with Amazon KDP ads are direct results of our rich experience with Amazon AMS, PPC, KDP advertising, and SP ads, in particular. Trust us, We know exactly how to read the analytics reports and data, draw conclusions, and tweak the ads for better outcome.

We've been adverting with Amazon KDP SP ads for years, and I know how to make the ads work for me and my clients. Although Amazon KDP algorithms might seem "whimsical" at times, and it's impossible to run the ad with low daily budgets (<$5 a day), running book ads is usually worth it.