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Amazon A+ Content Design

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Amazon now allows authors to create A+ content for display on their Amazon sales page for books.

When most authors heard about this service, they asked, “A+ content? What is that?”

Well don’t worry, dear reader. We’ve got you covered.

What is Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content is additional content that goes on your Amazon sales page. It allows you to use images, text, and tables for various reasons and in a variety of templates. In short, it’s a way to make your book stand out.

This opens a floodgate of possibilities for authors to brand their work, provide interesting information for readers, and make their books more attractive.

Amazon A+ content is created via your KDP marketing page. Keep scrolling for a full breakdown of how to build A+ content. You can also find a detailed Amazon listing optimization guide which you can apply to your Kindle listings.

Where is Amazon A+ Content Displayed?

Amazon has mentioned that the A+ content is displayed in a “From the Publisher” section. The exact location of this section will vary from one viewer to another, but Amazon says that one will generally need to scroll down to see it. Therefore, it is below your book cover, description, buy button, etc.

It did, however, show above the product details, reviews, etc. So it’s still pretty prominent, even though you do have to scroll down to see it. Most readers who scroll down even a little will have a pretty good chance at seeing your A+ content.

For Which Books Can I Post Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ content can be used with any published KDP book. You can also use it on books that are on preorder and therefore still have a published page for the book.

You can also use A+ content in most of Amazon’s marketplaces, where KDP is available, these include:

  • com
  • ca
  • de
  • fr
  • es
  • in
  • it
  • nl

Note that you will need to create separate A+ content for each of these marketplaces, however, Amazon will copy your approved A+ content and have it available in all the marketplaces that use the same language.

This means that if you write some English A+ content, and it is approved by Amazon, Amazon will automatically duplicate a draft of the content in other marketplaces, such as the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and other marketplaces that speak English.

Readers only see content that is in their preferred language. So let’s say you publish your A+ content in Germany, but you wrote it in English. In this case, only people visiting who have English as their preferred language would see it.

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