Top 5 Book Formatting and Book Publishing Services to Buy Online on Fiverr

Are you looking for best book book formatting and publishing experts that can help you publish your book on Amazon KDP and other self publishing platforms? This post might help you.

Here we have listed 5 top book publishing experts we have found on Fiverr that can handle everything for you in your book publishing journey.


1. Champ Bajwa

I will format and publish your book on amazon KDP ingramspark and other sites -

Welcome to my Gig,

I'm here to provide you with ALL IN ONE SERVICE to get your book published on Amazon KDP and other self-publishing sites. You don't have to hire different people to format your book for ebook and paperback, design book covers, upload and publish your book. You will get that all in one stop.

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  • Format your book for digital and print book (paperback/hardcover)
  • Design ebook cover and paperback cover
  • SEO for book to get more visibility for your book and high search volume on Amazon
  • Upload and book publishing on Amazon KDP
  • Design KDP A+ Content for Author on book sales page

All you need to do is send me your manuscript and I will take it from there.


  • KDP/Createspace
  • Ingramspark
  • Lulu
  • Apple Books
  • Barnes and Nobles
  • Publish Drive
  • Kobo

If you are also looking to publish an Audiobook, please check my Audible Gig. So what are you waiting for? ORDER NOW and get your book uploaded and published right away.




2. Self Publish Pro

I will publish book on amazon kindle and other self publishing platforms


Welcome to Our Self Publishing Services

If you want your book to be published on Amazon kindle direct publishing and other platforms for Self-Publishing Services, You are on right place. We have great experience in formatting books in both Ebook and Print versions, Design Book Covers, Management of Kindle account and Publish book in Ebook, Paperback and Hardback.


Our Book Publishing Services

  • Format your book in Ebook, Paperback and Hardback formats for KDP standards
  • Book Cover Designs and Mockup Designs
  • Keyword Research and Book Description with HTML
  • Check quality issues during upload for digital and physical book
  • Get your own legal ISBN with barcode under your/company name
  • Upload and Publish Book on Amazon KDP and other listed sites

Self-Publishing Sites Included

  • Amazon KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing / Formerly CreateSpace
  • Ingram Spark
  • Barnes and Nobles
  • Kobo Writing Life
  • Publish Drive
  • Lulu
  • Draft2Digital
  • Publish drive
  • Few more

In short, you got here what you all need to publish your book online.

What are you waiting for?

All you need to do is CONTACT US and I will handle the rest.


Selfpublisherpro Team




I will format and publish your book on amazon kindle KDP ingramspark


Are you having problems publishing your book on Amazon KDP and other major self publishing websites? Don't worry we're here to help to make the process smooth and quick for you.

We can manage your book publishing process from SCRATCH to SUCCESS



  • Setup your Amazon KDP account
  • Get a FREE ISBN
  • Upload and Publish your book to KDP


  • Format your book in both eBook and paperback versions for kindle direct publishing
  • Research Keywords and Book Categories
  • Get a FREE ISBN and Barcode
  • KDP Book Publishing with complete quality check


  • Book formatting for eBook, paperback and hardcover
  • Design a Professional Book Cover
  • Amazon Kindle Keywords and Categories
  • Get an ISBN and Barcode
  • 3D marketing book image QR code
  • Upload and publish book on KDP, Ingramspark and other sites listed below
  • Book Promotions and Marketing Assistance

Book Publishing Websites:

  • Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Ingramsapark
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Draft 2 Digital
  • Lulu
  • Smashwords
  • Kobo

Have any questions? Please read below FAQs for our Self Publishing Process.

If you still need more assistance, CONTACT US and we will be back right away.



4. Publishing Arena

I will format and publish your book on amazon kdp and on other sites



We are offering our services for kindle direct publishing and for other self publishing sites. We can well design your book and format according to kdp and other platforms requirements. We can also upload and publish your book with high research keywords and categories on amazon kdp, lulu, ingramspark, barnes and noble, draft to digital etc with high research keywords and categories that can help in your book sales and people approaches your book easily.


Our KDP book publishing services includes;

  • Book Uploading and Publishing
  • Seo, keywords research and categories etc
  • Ebook, Paperback and Hardback formats

Our KDP book formatting services includes;

  • Clickable Table of Contents
  • Bullets and Page numbers
  • Header and Footer
  • Modern and professional fonts for your book
  • Indenting
  • Drop caps
  • Organized margins and layout
  • Each chapter begins with a new page.
  • Active Hyperlinks
  • Well structured Heading
  • clickable table of content.
  • header and footer settings
  • page numbers
  • All trim sizes

We can also manage your kdp account, amazon ads, email marketing etc to grow your business.

Our first priority is client's satisfaction. Feel free to ask any questions.

Kindly Regards,
Publishing Arena



5. Publishing Centre

I will publish your book on amazon kindle and other self publishing platforms


We are glad you're interested in our Self-Publishing Services.

If you want your book to be exposed to the world by selling it on amzon kindle and sites like IngramSpark, Lulu, Barnes and Nobles etc. You are in expert hands here.



  • Book Formatting and Design for eBook and Print version(both paperback and hardcover) that is acceptable on KDP Kindle Direct Publshing and all other sites
  • Design Stunning Book covers by a Pro Designer for ebook, paperback as well as hardback version
  • Design Book Cover Mockups for Book Marketing Purposes
  • SEO, keywords research and category hunting for book rankings
  • Upload book to KDP in both ebook and print versions
  • Amazon Author Page Creation and Sales Management
  • Book Promotions and Marketing Assistance

Self- Publishing Platforms included:

  • Kindle Direct Publishing
  • IngramSpark
  • Lulu
  • Kobo
  • Barnes and Nobles
  • Publishing Drive
  • Draft2Digital
  • Apple Books
  • And all known self-publishing platforms.

If you are also looking to publish ACX Audible Audiobook, visit our other gigs.

Want to Start or Discuss?

Please don't hesitate to contact for quick assistance.

Self Publishing Centre Team


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