E-Book FAQs - Publishing Spot

What is an e-book?

An e-book, or electronic book, is a digital format or a soft copy of a printed book. It makes a traditional book readable through various electronic devices like computers, portable readers, PDAs, mobile gadgets, phones and more with the help of various e-book reading software. This service is offered across all publishing packages.

How long does it take to produce an e-book?

There is no set turnaround time for e-book conversion and production. We work on a first-come, first-served basis. Rest assured, however, that we are committed to helping all our authors get their e-books out there in a timely manner so they can tap into the continuously-growing market of e-book readers as quickly as possible.

Why are we offering e-book conversion?

Publishing Spot recognizes that e-publishing is an important market for ourselves, and our authors, to branch into. For this reason, we have decided to offer free e-book conversion to help our authors reach as many potential readers as possible. This initiative may change in the future, but at this time, we would like to facilitate the entrance of as many titles as possible into the e-book market.

Why are submission guidelines different for e-books?

We will distribute your e-book to retail outlets, which means your e-book must meet specific standards required by each retailer. These standards are often defined by proprietary technology or presentation requirements on behalf of the retailer.

I’ve published with you before and you didn’t have these guidelines. What has changed?

As with all technology, enhancements and updates are critical to a platform’s success. As this segment of the book market evolves, devices and standards of retailing will influence new developments.

Can I submit a PDF for you to use when formatting my e-book?

You can submit a PDF, but we discourage it because it will limit your book’s distribution.

Can I distribute my e-book for free?

A "free e-book" promotion can be an effective way to market your title. This can be accomplished using our BookStub™ service. Your publishing package may include BookStub™ cards.

Is it possible to advertise a special price on my cover?

Though we are unable to display promotional prices on cover art, we recommend your e-book cover be eye-catching to stand out among other titles in your category.

Does book format change in the actual file?

No, all changes, if any at all, will only be done on the e-book file and not on the original and actual file.

Does the e-book have a password?

No, the e-book does not require a password.

If I have questions regarding the e-book conversion, who do I contact?

You can email info@publishingspot.com. Due to the high volume of messages that we receive, please bear with us if you experience a slight delay in our response.

Is there a charge for the ISBN?

Yes. We have offers listed for the ISBN both for single ISBN and in bulk quantity.

What channels will e-books be sold on?

We do not provide a set list of channels as we work with multiple partners and each partner maintains a very dynamic list within its network.

While we submit your e-book to as many channels possible, please understand that each channel or retailer reserves the right to refuse listing.

Among our list of vendors are Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Rakuten Kobo Inc., and Google Play Books. There is no guarantee though that your eBook will appear on each of these sites. To see where your e-book is being sold please use a search engine to see which vendors are carrying your e-book.

What if my book undergoes post-publication corrections? Will the e-book file be updated as well?

Yes, we will update your e-book after a post-publication correction

What is needed to convert my book to an e-book?

Absolutely nothing. We are converting all titles that were published under a Black and White Package which did not include the e-book format as part of that package. We will email you once your book has been converted into a digital format.

What is the pricing for the e-book? Can I control how much to charge?

All e-books have a default price of $3.99. After it is submitted to the distribution network and the book goes live, the price can only be modified once.

What is the royalty percentage for e-books?

The royalty for e-books is 50% of the net payments received by Publishing Spot.

What types of issues does the e-book Customer Service Team handle?

The e-book Customer Service Team answers questions regarding e-book conversion and status update requests.

When is my e-book submitted for listing to your network of retailers or channels?

There is no set turnaround time for e-book channel submission or distribution. We work on a first-come, first-served basis. Rest assured, however, that we are committed to helping all our authors get their e-books to all the relevant retailers in a timely manner so they can tap into the market of e-book readers as quickly as possible.

Where can I check my e-book royalties?

E-book sales and royalties can be tracked through your Author Center, just like the printed version. Royalties for both printed and electronic book will be lumped together and sent to you via ONE royalty check or EFT transaction. 

Yes, your e-book will have a separate ISBN.

Will my e-book be readable on iPad, iPhones, and Blackberry?

Yes, Publishing Spot e-books are supported by, and are compatible with most e-book readers across all platforms. This includes, but is not limited to, iPad, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes and Noble Nook.

Will my work be digitally protected?

Your digital work or e-book is protected by the same laws that protect your printed book.

As for DRM or Digital Rights Management, our vendors exercise their individual prerogatives to further protect your e-book.