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What is Amazon A+ Content?

Additional content for your Amazon sales page is known as Amazon A+ Content. It lets you to use photos, text, and tables in several templates for varied purposes. In a nutshell, it's a technique for making your book stand out. This gives up a slew of opportunities for authors to promote their work, provide consumers with useful information, and make their works more appealing. We'll go over some of the technique’s writers may utilise this area for further down, but in general, it opens a lot of additional options and visual flexibility for your book's sales page. Your KDP marketing page is where you create Amazon A+ content. Continue reading for a complete description of how to create A+ content....

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How to Find Best Book Idea/Profitable Niche Research

There is nothing more frustrating than writing a book and finding out later that no one will buy it…or that the sales drop after a couple of months. And this is where this article on book topic validation comes in! Even after all of your marketing efforts, begging friends, and doing promotion site pushes, there it sits with no sales and no movement. But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can do some simple research to validate your idea and ensure there is a hungry market for what you want to write before you write it. This will increase the chances of your book concept succeeding and resulting in sales. This can also assist you in...

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