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Frequently Asked Questions

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Book Publishing
Will I have complete access to the book?
I want to publish my book on all platforms. Which package should I choose?
The book will be published on my account or yours?
What formats can I get through your book publishing services?
How can we get started?
Will I have a chance to view layout and design before uploading book?
Can I get a custom quote for my book publishing project?
What do I need to know before I pursue self-publishing with Publishing Spot?
ISBN and Barcodes
Can I use this ISBN on all self-publishing platforms?
Will this ISBN be assigned to my name or my company name?
Are there any restrictions/disadvangages on the use of an ISBN purchased from you versus one purchased from other ISBN supplier?
Can you provide ISBN for eBook, Paperback and Hardcover?
Can I use this ISBN if I publish the book myself and don't use your book publishing services?
Publishing Consultation
How do I talk to my Book Publishing Consultant?
What is Publishing Consultation?
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